Tailored Services

At Insignia Crew, we acknowledge that a superyacht and her owner may have a very specific and individual requirement that demands a tailored service and focus. The calibre of our associates and network is such that we are able to review, with confidence, individual requirements and respond with a robust and credible solution.

We are pleased to highlight just some of the specialist areas we are able to review and support:

  • Specialist and niche security provision against asymmetric security threats – sea or land
  • Yacht security managers and or large yacht embarked security team managers
  • The provision of Gurkhas/Gorkhali/गोर्खा security teams in support of large yacht security protocols
  • Cyber security protocols – defence and mitigation
  • Civil Aviation Authority Qualified – unmanned aerial vehicle pilots, construction and services
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle defence – privacy and protection
  • Civil Aviation Authority – qualified helicopter pilots who meet all international regulations and operational standards
  • Chase boat coxswains and vessel delivery experts (dependent on tonnage)
  • Unusual crew contract commitments, interim or short-term contract obligations
  • Royal Marines Band Musicians – Who have played for HM Queen Elizabeth II on-board Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia
  • Specifically qualified trades and or skill sets – Engineers, ETO’s, Carpenters, Chefs
  • Qualified instructors and coaches (e.g. Crew security awareness and first aid training, personal fitness coaches)
  • Specialist private tutoring –  Fully qualified teaching professionals able to support clients’ needs in either a full or part time capacity. Exceptional care is taken to align the right education professional to the needs of student. The usual stringent measures apply in terms of qualifications, reference checks and vetting.

These examples are not exhaustive so if you do not see the service that you have a particular need for please contact us. We will be delighted to review your individual requirements with honest and prompt feedback.