The Royal Marines Commandos

To earn the right to wear the coveted Green Beret and become a Royal Marines Commando is infamously difficult. 32 weeks of intense physical and mental training at the Commando Training Centre is then followed by an ever-changing, challenging and rewarding career in which Royal Marines are continuously trained and tested to the very limit of their individual capabilities.

Peak performance

A Royal Marine must remain adaptable, perform at their peak in every situation and often react to the most demanding situations whilst under intense pressure.  At the heart of every decision they make are exacting high standards, unquestioned quality, resourcefulness and an unwavering trust and reliance on the abilities of others.

Exceeding standards

Royal Marines are instilled with a determination to exceed standards and expectations. It is not enough to simply pass a test, they are trained to always overachieve. The nature of operations, in which they must perform and function professionally, means they continually evaluate themselves and the situation around them. A Royal Marine thinks carefully about every decision they make in order to achieve the best outcome, no matter what the challenge.

A way of life

To wear the Green Beret is to adopt a way of life that continues long after service is complete. Royal Marines never let their standards slip, in fact they continuously strive to better them.

The Commando Values

  • Excellence. Strive to do better.
  • Integrity. Tell the truth.
  • Self-Discipline. Resist the easy option.
  • Humility. Respect the rights, diversity & contribution of others.

The Commando Spirit

  • Courage. Get out front and do what is right.
  • Determination. Never give up.
  • Unselfishness. Oppo first; Team second; Self last.
  • Cheerfulness. Make humour the heart of morale.