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Bespoke to the Industry

  • We believe in evidence-based practice and have taken great care in making our courses context specific, they are designed and delivered with valuable input from experienced yacht crew professionals, each of whom have decades of specific experience to draw from
  • Each course has exclusive content and industry specific learning scenarios
  • We assist yachts in identifying, developing and the signposting of appropriate resilience and leadership focused resources

World Class Consultants

Courses are delivered by award winning Consultants who have held accountable operational and academic roles (UK Special Forces, Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Human Performance Specialists), and are experienced in operating under pressure and challenging situations within varying environments worldwide. They have much knowledge to draw upon, enabling them to coach people from different backgrounds and capabilities; understanding the value of a positive work culture, attitude and mindset which produces enduring results, valid to each yacht’s specific requirements. Our Consultants not only deliver the Leadership and Resilience courses but are also involved in PhD and Professional Doctorate research into developing them.

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We work around your global itinerary and deliver our courses to wherever you are in the world, either aboard or shoreside.  We can also very effectively deliver our courses online.


There are no comparable courses currently on the market but our commercials are fair, understanding the serious nature of the need.

We don’t believe you can put too higher price on the welfare of crew. Invest in them and you will benefit.


We know the industry – Insignia Crew holds many years of experience from working as crew through to sourcing them for our valued clients and our Consultants are world leading experts in delivering the courses.

Market Leader

We have introduced these courses to the industry because we passionately believe that there is a lot more to be done in order to support crew resilience and leadership. We have the experience, the know-how, the people and the capability.

Post Course Support

Crew will be given access to supportive information once a course is completed, from documentation and guides along with helpful links relating to CRT and Leadership which have been drawn from a wide range of sources.

We can offer post course support via our quality assurance (QA) visits and we also advise on the ongoing care of those who have become CRT Practioners and Managers.

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