What Is Crew Resilience Training (CRT)?

Over recent years, there has been a surge in positive attitudes about the importance of physical and mental well-being in the workplace and its role in creating resilience within individuals.

Crew Resilience Training is a proactive, peer delivered, cognitively based human resource management initiative for supporting crew following exposure to traumatic events and work-related stress. Its purpose is the early identification of the symptoms of stress.

Proactive not reactive.

Caring for crew after traumatic incidents is both morally justified and, after work-related traumatic incidents, legally necessary. Additionally, it makes sound economic sense to avoid the loss of valuable personnel to the effects of stress and psychological trauma.

Our training courses are designed to be interactive and allow crew to develop, not only a response to an incident, but their resilience prior to an incident. Understanding a response or feeling to a given incident is part of the foundation CRT has been built on.

We can help develop and implement wellbeing and resilience initiatives on board that creates a return on investment which can be measured through the gains in your crew’s performance and general well-being.

Crew will understand more about themselves and their responses, thus building their own resiliencies.